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QLDJ Series Floating Bed Parallel Air Spraying Mill   【Read times 40

Main Application
  The machine is the new generation of super tiny air flow smashing equipment, integrating world advanced multi spray pipe fluidized bed and horizontal grading echnology,and realizing a combined technological system representing a new trend of air flow mills. The machine can beused not only to make super tiny powderbut also with the features of easy control of particle sizeno abrasion pollution etc. The mill can bewidely used for such industries as pharmacy,chemical.metallurgy.electron,plastic, papermaking, foodstuff etc, and some special materials suchas polymer material.high gradeel ectromagnetic material, semi-conductor materials and so on.
  The machine, with high air flow impact speed high smashing efficiency, Iow power consumption and less abrasion, can be used to smash
material with high hardness. It is easy toadjust the particle size and easy to operate. The machine is widely applied without much pollution under a closed workingcondition. With stable and reliable operation,the machine can be used to smash the heat sensitivity materials.
Working Method
  The machine is composed of air source feeding part, smashing part,product grading part andcollection part The air source part supplies clean compressed air with certainpressure and a rflow,which will form a two phase flow with the solid flow from the solid particles in the smashing room. The super sound air flow will make the particles hit each other and smash those solid particles.and then the grading part on the top of the machine will release the particles with a certain finenessfrom the smashing room and then collected and packed by the collection part.

  • Schematic outline
  • Technical parameters
  • Flow diagram
    Model 100 300 400 630
    Size of input granule(Mesh) Around 100
    Product diameter 2-80 2-100 5-120 6-150
    Smashing pressure 0.65-0.95
    Grading wheel power 2.2 4 7.5 11
    Grading wheel speed 8800 8000 6000 4000
    Air flow 8-10 10-13 20-25 40-50
    Capacity 10-80 50-250 80-500 120-1000
    Weight 210 330 400 752
    Overall size (L×W×H) 860×540×1350 942×612×1438 1107×782×1719 1416×1077×2112
    System total power 60-80 90-110 160-180 300-360
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