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WFJ Series Mini Pulverizer   【Read times 88

Main Application
  The machine is composed of main motorauxiliary motor and electricalcontrol cabinet with the capabilities of winnowing, nonsieve or
meshcompact design and reasonable structure. Due to the negative pressure sends heat out continuously in operation,the machine is
also applied for the grinding of heat sensitive materials,The pulverizer is widely applied in industries such as chemical foodstuff,pharmacy,
cosmetic, tincture resin andso on, ranking world advanced levels.
Working Method
  Raw material is delivered to the grinding chamber via hopper by spiralfeeder, and is cut and sheared by the high speed cutters,then the
materialis moved into the whirlwind separator and sack dust catcher by the negative pressure sucking method. The dust is collected
and recycled via cloth bag or filter of dust absorption box. There is no dust flying during production so as to improve the utilization and
decrease the production cost.

  • Schematic outline
  • Technical parameters
  • Flow diagram
    Model 30 60 80 110
    Capacity 30-800 50-1200 100-2000 200-3000
    Size of input granules
    ≤10 ≤10 ≤15 ≤20
    Size of output granules(Mesh)
    60-450(adjustable) 60-450(adjustable) 60-450(adjustable) 60-450(adjustable)
    General power
    46 84.15 145 230
    Main running speed
    3800 2800 2200 1480
    Weight 2800 4500 9500 16000
    Overall size(L×W×H) 6640×1300×3960 7500×2300×4530 9800×2600×6800 13000×3500×7200
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