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SMH Series Tunnel Sterilizing Oven   【Read times 75

Main application
  The machine with infrared tunnel oven is widely used for drying and sterilizing of ampoule, pop-up and cylinge tube as well as other glass receptacles, and also can be applied for drying of materials in chemistry, foodstuff, electric industries.
1.The oven is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti or sus304 stainless steel, transmission belt is made of stainless chain or net chain. Transmission speed is adjustable stepless.
2.The heating elements is infrared quartz heating tube or gild quartz tube on the top of oven as requested by users. It raises heat efficiency by using adjustable reflective unit.
3.There is electrical controlling cabinet in the oven with temperature displayed and controlled automatically even in any constant condition.
4.There is class 100 clean air vertically in the outlet for cooling of target materials.
5.Heat prevent jacket using ultra thin glass wool and aluminum silicate as thermal insulating material.

  • Schematic outline
  • Technical parameters
  • Flow diagram
    Model Heating power Constant temp Motor power Cabinet dimension (W×H×L) Overall size (W×H×L) Transmitting speed
    3 10-20 Room temperature -250 0.75 480×200×3000 980×1200×3940 0.1-1.0
    6 25-35 Room temperature -350 1.1 480×300×6000 980×1310×6940 0.1-1.0
    9 30-40 Room temperature -400 1.1 480×320×9000 980×1310×9940 0.1-1.0
    12 40-50 Room temperature -400 1.5 480×320×12000 980×1310×12940 0.2-2.0
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