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SXH Series Three-Direction Rotary Blender   【Read times 65

Main application
1.Wide usage: Applied not only for the blending of normal materials, but also for the blending of materials with high oil and sugar content, high viscosity, explosive and soften or solid material with temperature increase, such as medicine, powder pigments, food additive, etc. The machine can also be applied for the production line.
2.Multi mixing ways: Normal blender has only one driving structure and one or two mixing ways. The machine adopts 3 sets of driving structure and several mixing ways going on simultaneously. Frequency changer or speed controlling motor can be added.
3.Good efficiency: In 1m3 blender, 460kg of light color static powder dope or 500 kg of art powder, with tiny quantity of pigment.
4.Easy to clean: no dead corner in the container, uneasy to stick. Easy to dismantle and clean as well as feeding and discharging
5.Big capacity: 1m3-8m3, material of 50-4000kg

  • Schematic outline
  • Technical parameters
  • Flow diagram
    Model Mixing time Power Mixing weight each time Overall size (L×W×H) Loading ratio
    Medicine or foodstuff additive Additive, power
    1000 8-12 11.5 50-500 100-500 2×1.5×2 10-80
    2000 12-15 13 100-1000 200-1000 2.5×1.7×2.3 10-80
    4000 15-20 28 200-2000 300-2000 3×2×2.5 10-75
    6000 20-30 32 300-3000 400-3000 3.3×2.2×2.8 10-75
    8000 30-40 37 400-4000 500-4000 3.6×2.5×3.3 10-70
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