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GK Series Dry Granulator   【Read times 80

Main application
  The finished granules from this machine can be made into troches or capsules, etc. The granulator is mainly used by the trades of pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, etc, especially suitable for the granulating of those materials that cannot be done by the wet granulating method.
1. pharmacy: troches, capsules
2. Foodstuff: foodstuff granules, seasoning granules
3.plastic: all kinds of shaped plastic granules
4. Chemical: granules of activator, pigments and washing agent
  The machine, with new and reasonable structure and reliable performance, is used to make granules directly from the target materials with minimum crystallized water, featuring easy cleaning.
1. Even density of dry granules, good disaggregation and high granule ratio
2. Unique feeding structure guarantees efficient material feeding.
3.Circulated cooling water refuses sticky problems.
4.No need of wetting agent or second-time drying, less procedures, high efficiency and low cost
5. Advanced electric hydraulic pressure, easy to operate with high automation
6. No pollution due to closed operation, so as to meet the sanitation standard.
7. Especially suitable for the granulating of those material which cannot be done by wet granulating method

  • Schematic outline
  • Technical parameters
  • Flow diagram
    Model 80 120 200
    Capacity 20-100 60-200 100-400
    Hopper volume 3 5 8
    Roll size 200×80 200×120 250×200
    Max roll pressure 10×2 15×2 25×2
    Roll speed 2-20(adjustable) 2-20(adjustable) 2-30(adjustable)
    Feeding speed 6-60(adjustable) 6-60(adjustable) 6-60(adjustable)
    Roll drive motor 4 7.5 11
    Feeding drive motor 1.5 2.2 3
    Granulating drive motor 1.1 2.2 2.2
    Oil pump drive motor 0.75 1.1 2.2
    Max hydraulic pressure 20 30 50
    Roll & feeding speed control Electromagnetic adjusting speed
    Weight 2300 2800 3500
    Overall size(L×W×H) 1540×1250×2400 1800×1650×2600 2200×2500×2200
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